What are we working on?

We are working on a new generation of autonomous vehicles to manage your lawn.
They will cut your lawn, trim your edges and even remove those pesky weeds.
Its like having your own personal professional lawn care service that manage your lawn 24/7

When are we going to introduce our cool product?

Good question…
Victor isn’t exactly known for his great scheduling abilities.
In the past, it has been experimentally determined to be exactly 3.14159 times longer than what he states.
His master plan is test our MVP in the spring of 2019.
Hopefully, that means that we will have some running before the end of 2019.

How can I help in the alpha testing?

If everything goes according to plan, we will have a limited number of vehicles that will be used for alpha testing in real world environments. Sign up to our newsletter to become a potential alpha tester.

Who are the Founders?

Kevin Betts

Victor Lee