• Victor Lee

2020 - An Exciting New Year

2019 flew by very quickly and we had a great year. 2019 was the first time we had full-time employees who weren't founders. With employees, we get first-hand experience dealing with the great joy of doing payroll, time tracking for SR&ED and other company backend stuff. We even had the privilege of going through a full SR&ED audit with Revenue Canada-- no thanks to our Tupperware robot. Yes, Revenue Canada audited us because we claimed Rubbermaid Tupperware as SR&ED supplies in our robot. And we proved them that can build a robot with Tupperware!!! haha!

We also hope that we have better luck in component selection. In early spring 2019, we decided to build our entire platform around a Pentium class intel SOC. Kevin and I trusted that a major manufacturer such as Intel would be a reliable source for components. Luck would have it that Intel had major supply issues in 2019. One of the hardest-hit areas were the low margin, low-cost Intel SOCs -- the very processor that we built our entire platform on. Ultimately that meant that we had to throw away 2 months' worth of code and rewrite several modules. 12 months later, this particular processor is still very hard to find. We have switched our code to processor agnostic and we haven't looked back.

At Nedieon, we hit several major technological milestones in 2019. Many of our patent-pending concepts have been unit tested individually and many prototype robots have been built (and destroyed). We also discover that the "build it and they will come" strategy doesn't work. That MVP doesn't have to be a fully working product. Our view of marketing and sales has changed forever.

2020 will be equally as exciting as we start field trials of our robots. I am sure things there will be issues, there will be bugs and there will even be surprises too. But I am confident that our team will work together to solve them and make this year a year to remember.


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